Our Process

We’ve developed a range of processes to speed up development, ensure your project stays on budget and deliver maximum value

When software projects fail, it’s generally because the developer and the client haven’t communicated in the right way. The developer has run with a list of requirements without challenging the approach, or the client hasn’t had the opportunity to feed back during the process. As a result, the solution misses the mark – with time and budget wasted.

Our process mitigates these risks, ensuring a realistic strategy and regular collaboration so the solution achieves your objectives.

From our innovative quotation method to our Kamaleont code generator and Slick® Methodology, every aspect of our process is fine-tuned to deliver value for the short, mid and long term. Whether you’re looking to develop customised software, create a cutting-edge mobile app or update a legacy solution, we understand that you’re making an investment and that you don’t want to compromise.

That’s why, with IdeaTech, there’s no need to choose between quality, cost and speed – our processes enable us to deliver a solution that meets your current needs and grows with your business in a cost-effective way. As a result, we deliver complex projects in a fraction of the time and you benefit from our proven technology.

Agile approach + Slick®

We start every project by delving into your requirements to define a viable, strategic approach.

Working with you, we help you hone your vision, so you get a solution that achieves your goals in the most effective and affordable way.

Our Slick® Methodology aligns technical development to the project budget, with the ability to monitor costs and results in real time. That way, you get all the benefits of agile methodology with clarity on spend. 

Proven technology

We’ve been refining our technology for 15 years to help you achieve your goals fast.

Our Kamaleontcode generator automates the process of interface and functionality creation, making it easy for us to develop an innovative solution quickly.

Unlike other software houses, we don’t outsource. Your dedicated project team of in-house strategists, developers and testers are on permanent contracts, which means everyone works together effectively and is invested in your project’s success.

Focus on the future

We help you get maximum value from your software by thinking about the medium and long term as well as your immediate requirements.

Every IdeaTech solution is built to be easy to scale and extend as the business’ requirements inevitably evolve. You therefore maximize return on investment and reduce total cost of ownership.

Our clients succeed with their software because we’re thorough. We thrive on solving problems and ensuring that your solution delivers now and into the future. 

Our Products

Generatore di codice Kamaleont

The faster way to develop a bespoke software solution.

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Project managment software to keepyour business on track.

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Optimise delivery of online education with our digital learing platform

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Scalable & customisable production management software.

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Gestionale di analisi tributi per enti locali
Local Government Tax Analysis

Simplify and streamline municipality tax management.

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Manage multiple titles with our responsive digital news platform.

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Our Services

Bespoke Software Development

Customised software solutions to achieve your goals.

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Web App Development

Dynamic web apps that evolve with your business.

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Mobile App Development

Creative mobile apps that deliver long-term value.

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Help your business use technology to achieve a competitive advantage.

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