The innovative and flexible way to deliver online training

Optimize the delivery of your training courses with e-Trainer. This sophisticated digital learning platform enables you to deliver online education across multiple disciplines seamlessly – adding lessons, courses and unique users as you require.

Cost-effective, customizable and scalable, e-Trainer empowers you to maintain complete control and visibility over student activity and progression. Whether you’re offering language modules, health and safety courses or corporate learning opportunities, our easy-to-use platform facilitates online learning that engages students and helps them succeed. The solution is designed around the innovative concepts of “blended learning” and “flipped learning”, supporting trainers to deliver better results.

Encouraging participation and collaboration at every stage, e-Trainer evolves as your business grows – empowering teachers to set and mark lessons, tests and exams and students to learn anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking gives you complete visibility and the power to analyse training performance. It also enables students and teachers to check grades and monitor overall progression through your courses. 

Personalised portals

e-Trainer encourages user engagement, anytime and on any device. With specialist areas for students and teachers, it’s easy for teachers to assign and grade work – and for students to participate in exercises.   

Content management

The CMS system simplifies the setting of lessons, exercises and exams – including tests where students answer through multiple choice or by entering text, depending on your course requirements.

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