Digital news platform that’s user-friendly, flexible and scalable

Publish your online magazines and newspapers quickly and seamlessly with IdeaNews, our responsive and scalable application.

Designed to make your life as easy as possible – whatever your requirements – our publishing application allows you to manage multiple titles simultaneously, share articles across numerous titles and centralize advertising.

We use a cross-browser template, which means you can manage and optimise keywords and tags. And with our responsive layout, your readers get the best experience, whatever device they’re using.


With IdeaNews, it’s easy to add, edit or delete content (including multimedia) and customise home pages.

Metrics let you know the exact number of views every article has achieved – on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Readers are also kept informed about the most popular articles.


Offer advertising space in your digital publications with our banner management system.

From controlling the dates and numbers of views to alternating advertisements in the same space – and even monitoring click rates – we give you complete control. 

Social Features

Connect your digital titles to your social platforms quickly and easily.

Manage comments, encourage participation with shared links, create customised surveys and activate your Facebook plug-in – we make it easy to get the most out of your social channels.

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