Local Government Tax Analysis Software

Simplify and streamline municipality tax collection

At IdeaTech, we understand the many complexities of tax management in Italian municipalities. Over the last 15 years, we’ve collaborated with multiple municipalities across the country to develop and refine our software, supporting you to make the process of tax collection simple and transparent.

Easy to integrate with your municipality’s processes, our software gives you real-time information on the total taxes registered, the number of payments collected and the number of documents generated.

From the information received by Equitalia to the transferring of debtors into external tax collection systems, our scalable, modern software simplifies the process of Italian local government tax management.


Our innovative dashboard delivers an easy-to-understand graphical view of the latest statistics and critical positions. 


Enjoy complete visibility over the progress of tax collection resulting from Equitalia’s flows importing.


Our software is integrated with Articles 19 and 20 of Decree 112/1999 – supporting the management of bad debts.

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