Software Consultancy

Gain a competitive advantage for your business

Do you have creative vision but lack the technology to transform your ideas into software or an app? Or perhaps your business is operating with legacy software that you’d like to update but aren’t sure where to start?

Our software consultancy service provides a long-term solution to your technological conundrums. We thrive on solving problems, and our agile, partnership-based approach ensures your solution delivers now and into the future.

Beginning with your requirements, we help you define a viable, strategic approach to achieving your goals. We help you get maximum value from your software by thinking about the medium and long term as well as your immediate needs.

What’s more, you have a dedicated project team of in-house strategists, developers and testers. Unlike other software houses, we don’t outsource, and all our staff are on permanent contracts. This means everyone works together effectively and is invested in your project’s success.

Every IdeaTech solution is built to be easy to scale and extend as your business’ requirements inevitably evolve. You therefore maximize return on investment and reduce total cost of ownership.

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