Effective management of innovative projects with Slick


The software that, using a method, helps manage the entire life cycle of a project and people's activities

  • Time-tracking makes it simple to see how much time is being spent on a project
  • The uncertainty inherent in innovative projects is managed actively
  • Each project is comprehensively managed: from the initial bid to the closing
  • Resources are allocated smoothly and dynamically
  • BackLog, Stories, Sprint and Scrum are manager-friendly
  • Project performance is clearly shown with Slick indices
  • Agility and flexibility are managed with structure
  • 1, 10, 100… projects under control with just a click
  • Shared corporate passwords are stored in one secure, safe place
  • Individual and corporate skills and knowledge are managed quantitatively
  • An integrated, structured approach is adopted for managing tickets
ideatask software gestione progetti innovativi
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