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Struggling to find the right software on the market for your company’s needs? Perhaps it doesn’t exist. Or it would cost too much to find and purchase it? Do you have the creative vision, but don’t know how to create the software needed for your ideas?

A business-specific software solution can greatly increase efficiency and profitability.  For two decades, we have kept abreast of trends, methods and technologies, and in that time we have defined ready-to-use modules and process efficiencies that ensure rapid results even for custom creations.

By combining your business and market know-how and our technical and strategic expertise, we develop software that brings short, medium and long-term value.  IdeaTech is synonymous with software that creates value for your business without having to deal with the restrictions and compromises usually faced with traditional software.


We never lose sight of your short-term requirements, but we always do this within a medium/long-term vision. Every solution is easily scalable and expandable in parallel as your needs develop.


Your solution is a vital business asset. This is why you have complete control, with ownership of the source code and ample guarantees to ensure peace of mind.


Our software can optimise your business processes and analyse information across the supply chain, improving your performance, profitability and competitive edge.

Have you got an idea? Put us to the test!

Send us your request for a totally free, no-strings attached consultation to see if it could become reality using digital strategies.

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