Why IdeaTech


We help companies gain a competitive edge by using technology to make their ideas reality

Our capacity to work with companies of all sizes to optimise their strategic positioning has been central to us achieving international recognition as top-quality software specialists.

We are a boutique firm with the skills to build applications ranging from complex software management systems to the latest generation mobile apps. 

We develop high-quality, cost-effective software solutions to deploy a client’s vision and achieve tangible business growth opportunities.

Over two decades, we have fine-tuned procedures and methodologies that now give us a robust platform to ensure we can increase the value of our clients’ businesses, without compromising on quality, speed or costs.

Our values

"Everything we do represents IdeaTech's values and mission"





A good reason to consider IdeaTech as a strategic partner

We are a software house that turns our customers' ideas into high-impact software solutions


We achieve project goals rapidly, according to an agreed timeframe that matches a customer's business needs

Undisputed quality

We are a reliable, long-term, experienced and effective partner for devising and developing all ICT solutions


Throughout a project we work closely with our customers. It is the optimal way to ensure our solutions fits the customer's brief perfectly, meeting all current and future needs


We use Kamaleont and Slick, innovative technologies and processes that pursue goals using an inventive, strategic approach

IdeaTech vs. "the others"

Have you got an idea? Put us to the test!

Send us your request to get a one-hour, totally free, no-strings attached online consultation session to explore your company’s digital development strategy. 

Customers we've already helped

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